Planning for pregnancy

Question: We have to avoid pickle & sweet during planning for pregnancy?

Answer: Hi,you don't have to avoid sweet as such,pickle should be totally avoided us also not necessary,it s sad t avoid because picked has excessive salt and oil which is not good for your health But you can have in moderation All the best
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Question: for which food avoid during planning pregnancy
Answer: Hi.. You need to avoid uncooked fish and process meat. You can not eat raw eggs, high content of caffeine drinks less of tea /coffee, raw sprouts. Take proper care of hygiene, do not eat unwashed produce.
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Question: Can we have raw turmeric in any form or turmeric pickle using vinegar during pregnancy. What all foods to avoid during pregnancy
Answer: Having turmeric is not a problem in pregnancy. In the first trimester you need to avoid papaya, dates & pineapple. The rest of the foods you can have.
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Question: Can we pickle during early pregnancy
Answer: Yes dear pickle can be eaten during pregnancy but in moderate quantity as too much will not be good for your health. Hope it helps.
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