Question: We have been trying for 12 month eagerly and nothing worked out since i really dont know when my ovulation takes place. Last month my gynec planned for clome. I took it from day 2-6 and then on my 15th day two follicles of 18mm was noted + a ovarian cyst of 55mm*45mm on right ovary! Doc have me a hcg shot and we tried naturally. My period is due on tomorrw.. I seriously cant diff between preg and period symptoms!

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Answer: The only condition in which ovarian cysts are linked with difficulty in conceiving is polycystic ovary syndrome (PCOS). Women who have it tend to be overweight, have excessive hair growth and suffer from irregular or non-existant periods. I totally get what you mean when you say you cant tell the difference between period and pregnancy symptoms. Its very frustrating! have been trying for 11 months.
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Question: My last periods was on 3rd June. My gynec suggested me to take Clomid. Then I was undergoing follicle study and on 15th day I took a HCG shot. And from 16th day to next 10 days I took duphastone tablet. I didn't get my periods yet. Am I pregnant. Or when can I go for a test
Answer: Kindly test using pregnancy kit after missing period.. For accurate result check after 35th day of missed period.. Fyi: duphastone tablet will delay periods. So please wait and check the results.. All the best
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Question: I got my period on 30th march went under follicular study from 7th day my left ovary 18mm egg rapture on 14th day .had sex from 04th april to 15th april daily. After rapture my gynac gave me susten 300sr for 14days...what are my chances to conceive?? ..
Answer: Hi dear , your follicles study is fine and Susten will help increase the chances of pregnancy. So have sex regularly to increase the chances of pregnancy . Hopefully you will get pregnant.
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Question: My last lmp is on 15jan .we did intercourse on 25 and 28 jan .so is there any chance of preganancy .can i do preg test 3 day before my missed period .my expected period date is 15 feb
Answer: Hi dear... Try to take the preg test after week of the missed period to get accurate results. If tests are performed before the missed period chances of showing negative would be more even of you are pregnant as the hcg hormone level would be too low to detect by the test strip.. Good luck.. Fingers crossed...
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Question: Hi dr.I m doing fsh on 14 day of period, it show 18mm on left ovary, we doing intercourse on 12, 17 &19 day. My husband motility about 20% he taking peternia xt tablet from 16 day my period. Can pregnancy will happen this time. Plz dr suggest me i m waiting
Answer: Plz reply me doctor
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