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Question: We had 3 to 4 times unprotected there chance of getting pregnant.... Moreover I had one beer yesterday..... Will it affect or not

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Answer: If you had sex in your ovulation 6then chances are high that you will get pregnant and 1 beer will not cause any harm dont worry but dont drink again.
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Question: My period was on 4th july... Yesterday we had unprotected sex.. Is there chance of pregnancy
Answer: Hello dear, if your menstrual cycle is a 28 day cycle the most fertile days are 12-14th day of your cycle.. so your fertile days are from 16-18th july.. however since you has unprotected sex nearing to your fertile days there's is a possibility of getting pregnant..
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Question: Had unprotected intercourse last night.can i masturbate? Or will it affect the chances of getting pregnant
Answer: Hi dear, There won't be any issue if you are masturbating even if you have conceived.
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Question: I had a unprotected sex last night is there a chance of getting pregnant?? Pls do rply
Answer: Hi dear sometimes just one time unprotected sex cannot cause pregnancy and sometimes it can also cause pregnancy especially if you have it is your fertile period. you can only confirm after you miss your periods. take care dear
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