29 weeks pregnant mother

Question: we can use tillsona oil in pregnancy for hairgrowth now in summer

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Question: Can we use olive oil for baby massage in summer?
Answer: Olive oil can be used only in winters as its hot.coconut oil can b used in any of the 12 months
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Question: can we use figaro olive oil in summer for baby
Answer: Choosing a massage oil for baby mostly depends on his skin. If he suffers from dry skin then coconut oil is best, but if you don't want to use coconut during winter you can very well use sesame oil. You can also use mustard oil , but it's largely avoided due to chances of contamination. If your baby’s skin is normal to oily then go with olive or almond oil.
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Question: Can we use olive oil for massag on babies in summer
Answer: Hi dear olive oil can be used in both the Seasons winter or summer but it is not suggested if you are baby has any reaction on the usage otherwise olive oil is very good for skin it hydrates and moisturizes the skin also helps in good bone health.. Hope this helps!
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Question: olive oil is good for baby massage? and can we use in summer time
Answer: Hello dear avoid olive oil as it known for its heating property and not good in summer. Use coconut oil it is good in summer.
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