3 months old baby

Question: We are using nestle lactogen formula milk. Now she is 4 months old can we use nestle non- pro formula milk???

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Answer: White discharge is normal, unless it smells different and it colour is different from usual
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Question: Which is best formula milk non pro or lactogen
Answer: Both are from Nestle and equally good. It is about what suits your baby. The difference isNAN is BIFIDOGENIC, it means it promote growth of gut flora which helps in immunity development. Nan is a more highly engineered formula to make it similar to mother's milk in terms of the whey and casein protein balance.
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Question: which company formula milk is good lactogen of non pro 1
Answer: Hi. Nan 1 is good. It suit to mostly all babies. I am also giving nan pro to my son
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Question: Can we use lactogen formula milk powder for 3 months old baby?
Answer: Try to give breastfeeding if it is not at all possible then give ferx which is recomended by all doctors from many years
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Question: Hi Doctor My baby is 3.5 months old ..till now we have been feeding Nestle NAN 1 PRO milk powder since breast feeding is not sufficient....Can we change the milk powder to Nestle Lactogen. Please confirm....Thanks
Answer: Hi dear Nestle NAN Pro is a probiotic formula milk and lactogen is simple formula milk. For your babies better digestion Nan Pro is better than lactogen. As you has less milk production to increase your milk. Also you should ask your paediatric before changing your baby's milk. Hope it help.
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