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Question: We are trying for last 6 months for concive and as cousult by the doctor we do all the test and as per doctor all reports are ok and we take vitamin medicine as prescrive from last 3 month ... But still not concive...whats the probelm .. My wife period also regular.

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Answer: Hello dear. If it has been 6 months and all test are normal as well i would suggest you to take help if ovulation kit or fertility monitors as they help in knowing the most fertile days and increase the chances of conception. Knowing the exact ovulation day and fertile days are extremely important when trying to conceive as the ovulation day keep on changing even if the periods are regular. Hope it helps.
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    Soumya Ranjan Sahu617 days ago

    Thanks you...but last two month we do the ovulation test through kit and also follow the ovulation period and do the intercouse .... After that also it doesnt work

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Question: Hi! I am 28. We are trying from 1 year. Last month as per my doctor's advice I went for the Folliculometry test. And it's result was good. And the others reports are all okay. My doctor said as per report this month I will be expecting. But today I get my period. Now what can I do??
Answer: Since all your reports are normal as per doctor, you have a good chance of conceiving. Please have intercourse in the fertile days only and see this month.
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Question: I am unable to fertile. We are trying since last 8 months for baby but no results. My all reports are normal, my husband's reports are also normal,I have regular periods,then what is the problem? Please guide me
Answer: Please figure out your ovulation period and try in that period. Pregnancy will happen only during ovulation period.
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Question: As per doctor all the test reports are normal but still she is not conceiving. Doctor has asked to wait for 2 - 3 months. What we should do.
Answer: Have intercourse day by day after 10th day of periods till 20th day
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