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Question: We are planning for pregnancy n if im sick am i allowed to take general fever or body pain tablets.... Will it affect for pregnancy.

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Answer: You can take dolo 650/ crocin twice a day.. It won't effect.. Even, throughout pregnancy this you can take for any physical pains
Answer: No it won't affect pregnancy. U can conceive even after taking tablets. Nothing to worry
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Question: Hi is it good take dental treatment if we are planning for pregnancy or we are pregnant already...
Answer: Hi dear when you are planning for pregnancy then you can definitely go for dental treatment but if you are already pregnant then you should consult your doctor regarding this about what treatment you are going to have and what medication will you need. And can decide accordingly
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Question: For how long I need to take folic acid tablets if I am planning for baby and I m taking thyronorm tablets also..Will Tablets affect or not?
Answer: Hi.. Dear folic acid tablet are consumed before conceiving and after getting pregnant as well. Thyronorm is taken if thyroid level is not up to the mark.. I am not sure what your reports are.. It will be better if you could share your report digital details..
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Question: Ma'am i am suffering from viral fever and taking medicines after consulting general physician. Is there any problem if we continue our planning for pregnancy as i am taking antibiotics. Will it affect if i conceive? ?
Answer: No taking antibiotics will not affect you. Taking antibiotics on contrary, can probably help you in getting pregnant by reducing the infection effectively which may be potential restriction to conception process. So get well soon and All the best!!
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