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Question: We are planning for pregnancy.. Did intercourse on 10th and 12th day of periods bt missed 14th day and again did on 16th day.... Did u missed my ovulation day....??? Will i get pregnant or not??? Plz help

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Answer: Ovulation day is any day between 10-19 days of periods. So you are pregnant or not that will be confirm after your next periods date. If you have did sex only once during 10-18 days but if that day is your ovulation day chances are high to get pregnant . So b positive and have healthy food take good care of yourself.
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Question: Hii ma'am unfortunately this month we were not able to stay together on my ovulation day.. I had sex on 10th and 12th day after my period bt not on ovulation will it effect my chances of conceiving
Answer: Dear life time of healthy sperm is around 6-7 days means they can live 6-7 days in Ur uterus if Ur ovulation happens in between day 12-18 so u can get pregnancy nd if u lucky then this time u may be pregnant dear .gbu
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Question: Hi mam my periods on 10th Nov my periods cycle 30 days when my ovulation day last 7 month to we planning for pregnancy bt nt
Answer: Hi dear ur ovulation will come after 15 days of ur first period day. That means it will comes after almost 15 to 16 days from ur first day period. It is fine to conceive in 1 year but do follow healthy lifestyle and if u feels then u can get ur body check done.
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Question: Currently i am not pregnant , i missed my baby in 8th week as baby had no hearbeats , now i am again planning to conceive, my question is if we are planning intercourse for 10 days of ovulation and may be in 5th day we conceive , we dont know we conceive or not ofcourse and on 6th to 10th day we are again doing intercourse than is it harmful for baby ?
Answer: No its not harmful for baby.. Even you can have intercourse in pregnancy as well if you do not have any complications like low lying placenta. Still doctor will advise you about it. And yeah while trying to conceive you can have intercourse
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Question: Hello dr. I had ovulation on 14th day of my period and me n my partner had sex on 10th ,12th, 13th and 14th days .Are there chances of concieving?? We are trying desperately for baby
Answer: Hello! There are chances since you had sex on your fertile days. But to confirm the same you have to wait for your periods to miss and then take the pregnancy test. Take care
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