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Question: We are planning for a baby from 6 months, but we always get negative results.. when we went to a doctor they told us to wait for a year... For us, it seems to be very long.. and we feel that sperm leakage is the reason... Is that true??? What is the specific reason for that. How to control that...

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Answer: Dear There can be various reasons for not getting pregnant : 1. Hormones imbalance 2. Stress 3. Smoking 4. Drinking 5. Unhealthy eating habit 6. Obesity 7. Thyroid 8. Not sleeping properly Don't worry.Consistently, just work on it.. Soon u. Will conceive.
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    Anonymous1044 days ago

    Thank you so much...

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Question: At starting , my doctor told us , we should control ourselves , this is my 4th month , how long we need to continue n what precautions we should take ?
Answer: 1st and third trimester are critical so you need to avoid intercourse during this time. In second trimmester you can continue but do take safety measures like dont let your partner put pressure on your tummy, tell him where you are un comfortable, take things slowly.
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Question: Hello...I want to know that after intercourse up to how much time .we can go for a washroom .? And untill it any specific position we have to take ?? So that the sperm can travel to ovule.
Answer: Hello dear Lying on bed for half an hour after sex increases ur chances of conceiving. After intercourse, sperm comes out if u stand and go to washroom. So, to increase ur chances of pregnancy, it would be good if u lie on bed for half an hour.
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Question: they say 75% of women that have a dream of a specific gender end up having that that true for any1
Answer: I have heard it is opposite of what you dream... As per old wives tale. But better don't believe in all this... Njoy pregnancy time..
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