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Question: We are plannin for baby and after we intimate atlast after1/2 or 1 hr when i go to washroom my urine passed si is it ok to paas urine afterwe intimate

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Question: 2 month old baby since yesterday it has started crting after1 hr of feeding..before used to feed after 2 houes
Answer: hi it is not necessary that baby is crying only because the baby is hungry it could also be because the baby is getting this problem try this home remedy you should won the mustard oil and massage with this on the tummy of the baby this will not only help to give relief from gas but will also at the baby to go to sound sleep if this is not helping you should consult to the doctor and check if unable to feed a baby for 15 to 20 minutes every 2 hours from each side then it means that the baby is getting sufficient milk
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Question: Hi,my son is now 6month running presently we are using NanPro-1,here after we are planned to change to Lactogen-2,is it good or not.
Answer: Nan pro is better digested than lactogen. It is very very similar to bm. Once ur nan pro 1 is finished, switch to nana pro excella 2 which is even better than nan pro.
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Question: My Baby not passed urine from past 4 hr is it normal?? M worried
Answer: Try to feed him more might be due to insufficient milk...
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