13 weeks pregnant mother

Question: wat to eat on 2nd trimester ..

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Answer: Niw you should increase your food intake . Now baby need complete nutrition . Keep continuing to taking first trimester diet . Include more green vegetables fresh fruit juice shake lemonade coconut water . Now you Should start walk.
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Question: In 2nd trimester what I eat for baby growth
Answer: Hv fresh juices, veggies, fruits and plenty of water.. From 5th month start consuming ghee, badam rogan oil 10 drops with 1 cup of milk..
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Question: Which seeds are safe to eat in 2nd and 3rd trimester of pregnancy ?
Answer: You can include flax seeds and pumpkin seeds in your second and third trimester of pregnancy as it is a great source of iron and help to maintain hemoglobin level.
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Question: Hi doctor..my 2nd trimester started and I am getting bleeding today. Wat to do?
Answer: Bleeding in pregnancy is not normal dear. Please inform your doctor immediately. You might require medicine and injection 💉 for support.
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