12 months old baby

Question: Wat to do for babies bad breath?

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Question: Am unable to breath ?wat to do
Answer: Hi dear, Feeling breathlessness is a common concern in pregnancy.initial stages of pregnancy breathless ness is due to hormone progesterone.which changes the way your body us d to absorb oxygen.later stages,growth of baby can press and put pressure on diaphragm there by problem in breathing.not to worry and try to stay calm.divert your mind.,...,
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Question: Wat to do for constipation in 2 month babies
Answer: As the baby is so small you can't do any home remedy. There are few remedies but it can be followers when baby is on solids. And what are the symptoms you see in your baby ??. Usually if baby poops occasionally or 1 poop in 10 days is normal until cranky,uneasy while passing poop and pushing hard.
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Question: I can't able to breath properly Wat to do for that plz say for me
Answer: Hello dear As a normal part of pregnancy, your breathing may be affected by the increase in the hormone progesterone, which causes you to breathe in more deeply.Take lemon water when you feel suffocated and stay in open areas like balcony or terrace. Take deep breaths.
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