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Question: Wat r the foods to avoid during early stages of pregnancy..could anyone pls provide a list of it

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Answer: you should avoid fish containing mercury,smoked seafood,raw shell fish,raw and undercooked eggs,raw meat and polutary,unpasturiezed milk,soft cheese,unwashed fruits and vegetables raw sprouts,foods that cause allergy(Soy, wheat, cow’s milk, eggs, peanuts, tree nuts (almonds, walnuts, hazelnuts, more), fish, and shellfish should only be consumed if you are not allergic to them).excess caffeine,sugar rich foods,fatty foods,papaya and pineapple during pregnancy.avoid heat producing foods
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Question: I am 11weeks pregnant. Pls provide the list of vaccinations during pregnancy.
Answer: Hello dear. Two vaccines are specifically recommended for pregnant women: the flu (influenza) vaccine, which should be given during the first or second trimester of pregnancy; and the Tdap (tetanus-diphtheria-acellular pertussis) vaccine, given when you're 27 to 36 weeks pregnant to guard against whooping cough. Take care.
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Question: Hai want know wat r the foods to avoid during pregnancy of 4 weeks nd wat to eat
Answer: Dont have raw papaya & pine apple in more quantity It is necessary to follow balanced nutrition(cereals,pulses,milk,fruits ,vegetables, meatetc) as it is the growing stage of your baby
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Question: Does the white discharge occurs during early stages of pregnancy??
Answer: Hi Its normal this week you feel more vaginal discharge..This is caused by the increased estrogen levels of pregnancy. Pregnancy discharge should be milky and thin with a mild odor. You may want to wear a panty liner for comfort, but avoid tampons..While vaginal discharge is normal, there are some signs to watch out for, which could indicate an infection If your discharge has any of the following characteristics, like,foul odor,green or yellow in color,occurs with redness or ,mixed with blood,or associated with painfull urination
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