1 months old baby

Question: Wat is d remedies for fair skin baby

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Answer: Hello dear Color depends on genes. Try milk and bread for massage.
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Question: Wat to eat for baby fair skin
Answer: If you want to have a fair baby, make it a habit to eat lots of kernel when pregnant. According to Indian beliefs, the white kernel of the coconut will help you deliver a fair child. Milk is necessary for a pregnant woman to consume at the time of pregnancy. Milk on the other hand is good for the development of the foetus. It is beleived that the egg white should be consumed by pregnant women in the second trimester of pregnancy if you want to have a fair child. A pregnant woman should consume dried or soaked almonds at the time of her pregnancy, if she wants to deliver a fair child. indian beliefs state, Almond milk helps to improve the complexion, therefore it should be eaten when pregnant. Research says that when a pregnant woman adds ghee to her meal, she will have a less painful delivery. On the other, ghee also helps to improve the colour of the skin for the foetus according to an Indian myth. So, opt for ghee other than oil. One of the citrus fruits to consume when you are pregnant is oranges. It is rich in Vitamin C which is needed for the growth of your baby and also to improve the skin tone. A popluar Indian belief, pineapples which is rich in Vitamin C, have said to improve the colour tone. If you want to have a fair baby, drink a glass of fresh pineapple juice once in a week. Drinking the water of the soaked fennel seeds will improve the colour of the skin. Pregnant women should drink 3 ml of the water first thing in the morning. It will also help reduce the nausea feeling.
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Question: Home remedies for baby ' fair skin....
Answer: Hi All the outdoor playtime take on your baby's soft and delicate skin and often cause a tan Following are a few tips to help you with your baby skin Apply mixture of milk ,malai and turmeric let it dry and wipe with it with a soft wet cloth then put your baby to bath don't use any soap just plain water Apply a mixture of curd ,tomato and oatmeal This natural mixture enhances your baby's complexion Massage your Babys skin with coconut oil it proves skin texture but also strengthen your kids muscles and bones Include vegetables and fruits in your babies diet the would help your babies skin to glow with all the antioxidants and nutrients in it Apply a mixture of turmeric and beetroot juice It would improve skin complexion Ensure your babies skin is well hydrated and watch his liquid intake
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Question: What is the home remedies for baby skin to glow and fair?
Answer: Hello! To brighten the skin of your baby, try these home remedies.  1.Give a hot oil massage, preferably coconut oil.  2.Apply a mask of sandalwood, turmeric, and saffron paste. Apply the paste to your child’s skin and leave it on for 10 minutes. Then, gently wipe it off with a moist cotton cloth. 3.The temperature of the water you use to bathe your baby plays a crucial role in the condition of your his/her skin. Make sure that the water is not too cold or hot.  4. Try avoiding soaps. Instead, opt for natural skin cleansers like gram flour, which enhance the skin texture. 5. Include seasonal fruits in daily diet.  6. Use a mild moisturizer after bath.  Take care 
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