9 weeks pregnant mother

Question: Wat I can drink inspite of water if I don't feel like drinking water

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Answer: Dear try drinking shikanji which is lemon and sugar mixed in water. It helped me when I got pukish during pregnancy after drinking water. However keep the sugar very little as dissolved sugar increases sugar levels at a very fast rate. I used to even have only lemon water just to changes the taste of it and it also helps in controlling nausea. Hope it helps.
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    Suhana Gehlot184 days ago

    Tqsm ma'am, can I drink regularly, even Wid medicines too??

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Answer: Dear I have already answered your query. Please refer to the answer.
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Question: I don't like the taste of water...I feel so thirsty but can't drink water
Answer: Hello Some times due to the harmones the taste buds can go bad n make everything seem bad n bitter. Water can have a metallic taste. But water is the most essential In your diet. Try drinking more juices or flavour it with some line or a bit of home.
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