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Question: Wat dit should I take in 28 weeks of pregnancy as vegetarian

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Answer: Hello dear Nutritious food to have in pregnancy : 1. Dairy Products 2. Sweet Potatoes 3. Eggs 4. Broccoli and Dark, Leafy Greens. 5. Berries 6. Whole grains 7. Avocados 8. Dried fruit
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Question: When should I take leave after 28 weeks of pregnancy?
Answer: Hii it is completely depend on ur comfort. I took leave from 8 the month. If ur job support then u can continue working. It necessary to feed ur baby breast milk for first six months so do plan accordingly so that I would be able to give proper time after delivery. All the best.b
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Question: Wat diet should I take in 8 week of pregnancy for twins
Answer: hi congratulations for your pregnancy you should take a healthy diet which will help to grow a proper nutrition to the baby for its growth and development you should take the high protein rich diet you should take pulses eggs and chicken you should take more of milk and Milk products at least two glasses of milk you should stay well hydrated therefore you should take at least 12 classes of water throughout the day you should take oath serials Ragi everything take green vegetables and fruits you should take at least three to four circles of food everyday all this will help in proper growth and development of the way we also in consultation with you talk to you should take your prenatal supplements
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Question: What diet should I take in 13 weeks of pregnancy
Answer: Hi dear, in 13 weeks of pregnancy your diet should rich in iron calcium and protein as your pregnancy will grow your protein and Calcium intake to increase because of proper bone and health muscle for you baby. In morning you should start with two to three almonds. At lunch you can eat anything healthy option like Idli, Upma , alloo paratha, poori Bhaji etc. Mid dat you should eat 2-3 fruits or a plate of fruit salad. Hot lunch you should eat small amount of rice, 1 or 2 roties, two different veg curry, Paneer fish or chicken, curd. In the evening you should drink a glass of milk or milkshake. At dinner you can repeat same from lunch. Hope it helps.
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