11 weeks pregnant mother

Question: walnut aur badam ko kitne mhine tk khaya jata h 11 weeks pregnant hun

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Answer: Hello There are no rules as to wt u can or can't eat. Eating dry fruits is very beneficial to u and ur baby as they have very high nutrient value and help in providing necessary vitamins needed. U can eat them raw or have them as a milk shake anything that helps u quench ur cravings. Hope I helped
Answer: Eat them fir entire pregnancy... Mein pehle 1 Walnut roj khati thi last visit to doc she said make it 3 as it's good for omega 3
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    gurpreet kaur949 days ago

    Mera gla khrab ho janda Walnut nal

Answer: Full time tk khaya jata he but first n second trimister me km quantity me khate he .
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Answer: Hello dear Kai logo ko doctors second trimester complete hone tak suggest karte hai aur Kai logo poora pregnancy suggest karte hai.. It depends on your complication... Your doctor will suggest you the best
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Question: walnut aur badam ko kaise khaya jaata h 9weeks pregnancy
Answer: Plz soak almond as it's really difficult to digest if not soaked. Walnut u can eat like that also or can make a powder of these dry fruits and mix it in milk or any porridge.
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