4 weeks pregnant mother

Question: muze vomiting bahot jada ho rhi he Kya Lena chahiye

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Answer: aap ye remedies try kro Ginger: Many studies have concluded that ginger is one of the best natural remedies for vomiting during pregnancy. Specific studies have also explored the possibility of giving ginger tablets to patients. As a measure of caution, remember to use natural ginger, as there is no regulation on the amount of ginger in the capsule. Always speak to your doctor before you opt for a ginger based product Water: Drink loads of water. It has often been found that morning sickness can lead to dehydration (3). Conversely, dehydration can also induce nausea. Don’t drink too much of water at once. Ideally drink 2 liters of water a day, at the very least. Drink only water, as cold and sweetened drinks might worsen your symptoms. Eat Small But Regular Meals: Binging on food isn’t the smartest thing to do as it may have adverse effects. High carbohydrate foods like bread and crackers are good for you. Sometimes, sickness aggravates if you skip your meals. Eating regular food in the right dose helps ease the symptoms of morning sickness. You can also consider a cold meal, as nausea can be induced by the smell of food as well Peppermint: You can either chew on some peppermint leaves or get your hands on some sugar-free chewing gums. If you don’t like chewing gum, you can brew some peppermint tea. Alternatively, you can sniff some peppermint essential oil. However, be careful while you do this as the strong smell of the oil can aggravate morning sickness
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