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Question: Volume 2.5ml. Total count 18x10°6ml. Motility 55% . PH (7.2-8.2). Viscosity viscous.. Other Observation.. 70% spermatozoa with small or without acrosomal caps seen . Spermatozoa with poor progression seen.. spermatozoa with ICSI able head seen ... plz btaye mery husband ki report ka. Aur main normal concive kar sakti hn.

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Question: We guys are planing for baby...This is my husbands seminal analysis report...does there is any issue in this report SEMINAL FLUID ANALYSIS Method :Manual Specimen :Seminal Fluid TIME OF COLLECTION 11.20 am TIME OF ARRIVAL IN LAB 11.40 am Liquefaction Time Within 35 minutes Colour Grey Volume 4.5 ml Viscosity Moderately Viscous Reaction Alkaline Ph 8.0 7.5 - 8.5 MICROSCOPIC CHARACTERISTICS Spermatozoa Count 105.0 millions/ml 40 - 140 MOTILITY Rapid Progressive 60 % Sluggishly progressive 10 % Non Motile 30 % Agglutination Occasional PARTICULATE DEBRIS Pus Cells 4 - 6/hpf Epithelial Cells 1 - 2/hpf RBC's Nil MORPHOLOGY Normal Sperm 65 % Abnormal Head 20 % Tail Defects 15 % Fructose (Qualitative) Positive
Answer: Hi dear, your husbands report is fine and there is no such problem in it and sperm vitality is 15% which is also good .
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