5 months old baby

Question: Vitamin D3 OH D3....how many drops should I give to my child?

2 Answers
Answer: 0.5 ml from dropper whivh is of 1ml full dropper
Answer: 20 drops per day.10 in mornin 10 in evening
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Question: My baby 6 month i am giving vitamin D3 B12 drops how many months i have to give my baby
Answer: Hi dear, Vitamin D 3 could be given till a year and half.while B12 ,till she starts solid food and get used to eat.i never gave vitamin B12,but it depends on each baby,if she's severely anemic,then iron drops could.also be given.talk to your paediatrician.
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Question: How long should i give vitamin d3 drops to my baby?
Answer: Hello dear As per my doctor, vitamin d3 should be given to babies till 2 yrs as babies are not exposed to sunlight now a days. So, i too has given my baby vitamin d3 till 2 yrs.
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Question: How much gap should I take to give multivitamin drops and vitamin d3 drops to my baby..?
Answer: Give as per ur pediatric advice ,take 30 to 1 hrs gap
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