5 years old baby

Question: very hot fever

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Answer: Hello dear, though your query is little confusing and not complete but I guess you child has high fever. If so then immediately wipe your baby with wet cold cotton towel top to toe to cool down the body because too much high temperature is very harmful for small kids. If needed you can give your baby a normal water bath to lower down the temperature. Give whatever medicine for fever you have right now for your baby that already prescribed by you doctor previously. If still fever is not coming down immediately rush doctor. Don't worry, everything will be normal.
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Question: my baby has light fever..and his head only very hot is it dangerous
Answer: No sometimes babys head will be warm.. don't confirm that your baby has temperature by touching only on the forehead.. you may get a thermometer and check your baby's temperature at home ..if your baby has cold or any other reason baby may have temperature..if the temperature is above 99 then u may go to ur pediatrician..analyse the reason for the fever and take medicine accordingly..do check ur babys temperature with a thermometer and decide accordingly
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Question: Can we use ac during fever in baby...its very hot in kerala..fever is due to vaccination
Answer: Hi dear.. Since your baby is too young... using AC in fever is highly not recommended. If its really too hot.. i would advise to keep the temperature at 25 or above. The baby should not feel the coolness of the AC. Just wrap the baby in a cotton sheet if the AC is on. Also keep recording the temperature.. it should not rise due to the effect of the AC.
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Question: My baby head very hot than body.she is having slight fever in body.what to do?
Answer: Hai... if your babies temperature is more than 100 ,that means baby has fever . Put a wet cloth in her forehead . And consult a doctor.
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