33 weeks pregnant mother

Question: Vaginal infection affect baby?

2 Answers
Answer: No, a vaginal infection won't affect your developing baby. But if you have an infection when you go into labor, there's a chance that your newborn will contract it as he passes through the  birth canal. If that happens, he may develop a vaginal infection in his mouth, known as thrush.
Answer: Depends on the level of infection.too much of infection will defenetly have impact on baby.please consult your doctor immediately.
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Question: Is this vaginal infection affect baby or it harm baby...?give me reply
Answer: Excessive infection can harm the baby..so ts better to consult your Dr. & Do maintain the hygiene by intimate wash. Don't scratch that area.
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Question: Im 21 week pregnant and i hv affected vaginal fungus infection? Is it affect my baby?
Answer: If you are on the right treatment it will not effect your baby you need to take vaginal antifungals.
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Question: I am getting recurrent vaginal yeast infection since second trimester..baby ko affect Hoga kya
Answer: Hello! please talk the doctor for treating it. Yes, if not taken proper care, it can cause problems to take baby
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