24 weeks pregnant mother

Question: mjhe halka halka vagina si White discharge ya pani si feel hoya Kay yh normal hn

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Answer: White discharge is normal in some circumstances, you should look out for the consistency and the smell of the discharge. If it is curd like thick it may be a fungal infection. If it is thin watery discharge with foul smelling odour it may be a bacterial infection. If it is white discharge that is not very profuse and is thin then is normal.
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Question: mjhe breast main si dudh sa arha Kay normal hn
Answer: yes ye bilkul normal hai..What's leaking is the first thick, creamy milk (colostrum) your breasts make before producing breastmilk. Your breasts have been making this high-protein food, ready for your baby's birth, since about 14 weeks of pregnancy. Some women leak quite a lot of colostrum, while others don't leak at all.
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Question: Halka halka discharge ......normal h white sticky and smell ....vagina wet hota h
Answer: I think o apka mucus plug discharge ho raha hai aapki due date near hai isliye.. Aap apna hospital kit tayar krlo lil one aane me thode hi din door hain.. Water break ho ya phr bahut zyada abdominal pain ho toh sudden hospital jao.. All the vry best
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Question: vagina main halka sa poke ya current Sa feel hoya din main ...Kay yh baby kicking Ka hi sign hn
Answer: Hello dear.. ye feel hota hai jab utreus stretch hota aur lower parts mein pressure padta hai. Ye bilkul normal hai.. all the best
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