2 months old baby

Question: Vaccines which one better government or private

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Answer: Gov is best ..but painful must be thr more thn private...but in private less pain and not feel feverish...
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Question: Can i go through government vaccines or private vaccines.... which one is good.
Answer: Hi! Both are same, Private has few optional and more expensive but no queue whras in Govt. optionals are not available less expensive but long queue. Both are equally effective. You can consult about the optionals with the Dr. and decide accordingly. Good luck!
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Question: Government vaccines or private hospital which is good for baby
Answer: Government vaccinations are preferred as most people use so the doses are fresh n private the doses are of long time. If my answer was helpful plz hit like.
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Question: Which vaccines are best government or private and most which vaccines are important
Answer: I suggest not to skip any vaccine if you are financially good. Otherwise follow government vaccines because they give all mandatory vaccines. Coming to your question I don't think there is a difference between govt and private vaccines. But vaccine are generally two kind available in market. Pain less and pain full vaccine. Pain less is obviously costly and which available only in private hospitals. So I suggest utilize if government provides mandatory vaccine.
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Question: Which hospital is better for Normal delivery, government or private?
Answer: My suggestion is a private hospital with high rate of normal delivery doctor... I've seen how they conducted deliveries in govt hospital, so I will suggest you to go for a private hospital.. Hope this will help
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