3 months old baby

Question: vaccines mei kitne tym ka gap hona cahhye..i mean phenomoccocal vaccine aj lgi hai to gov vaccine kb tak lgwani chahye same month mei?

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Question: Mera baby 13 month 15 days ki h to two meals k bich m kitna tym gap Hona chahye
Answer: Your child should eat 3 meals per day plus snacks in between, from a variety of foods A healthy diet includes a range of foods and snacks such as: soft pieces of vegetables and fruit (cook or finely grate if raw) cereals, crackers, breads and small sandwiches tender, finely chopped lean meat, chicken, seafood and eggs soft, slightly mashed, cooked dried peas, beans or lentils dairy products (eg, cheese and yoghurt). Offer your child plenty of variety, and don’t worry if they refuse some things – they’ll make up for it by eating other foods. For example, they might reject some vegetables but gobble up plenty of fruit instead. Try and offer the rejected food later on. Remember to cut food to a size your child can easily hold and eat Avoid offering snacks close to mealtimes. A 1- or 2-hour gap is best. If your child asks for food but doesn’t seem hungry, try to keep them busy. Eat as a family at least once a day. Children like to copy their parents. Don’t bribe, force or nag over leftover food – it’s better to praise them for trying. Try to serve meals before your child is tired, or have your evening meal earlier. Offer a variety of foods during the day, as a tired child may not eat well at night. Present your child’s food in different ways, like offering meat as hamburgers or meatballs. Involve your child in preparing food, as it may increase their interest. Keep food choices simple (eg, ‘Do you want an apple or banana?’). This gives children a feeling of control
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Question: Rotavirus vaccine kab lena parta hai? Baby kitne month ka hona chaiye?
Answer: Hello dear Rotavirus vaccination ki 3 doses baby ko di jati hai. Pehli dose 6th week pr lagti hai. Second dose 10th week pr di jati hai aur. Third dose 14th week pr di jati hai
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Question: 1 n half month ka vaccine kitne din tak de sakte hai?? late hone se problm to nahi hai na
Answer: Hi dear,waise koi bhi vaccine aap 2 weeks ke andar de saktey hai..I remember mere baby Ka vaccine 2 weeks delay Karna pada kyuki usko fever tha..so dnt worry..
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