9 weeks pregnant mother

Question: V wash is safe in pregnency or not??

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Answer: Hello dear If ur vagina is smelling a lot then u should daily clean ur vaginal Area with some mild soap. Gently apply soap on the vaginal area and clean the area with water. Do it twice a day, will remove smell from that area. Try to avoid v wash as these are chemical products and are not prescribed to use in pregnancy.
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Question: V wash is safe during pregnancy is safe or not???
Answer: It is fyn to use it for your intimate hygiene don't worry I m also using it with doctor recommendation
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Question: In pregnancy using c&d powder md v wash is safe or not plz help
Answer: v wash is safe and good. and no idea about c&d powder
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Question: V wash is safe in pregnancy?
Answer: Hello, No dear! Don't use any product on your vaginal area because it reduces the good bacteria and can cause infection. So it's better to avoid it completely..
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Question: Is v wash safe to use in this time ?
Answer: Hello dear... No,it is said to avoid v wash,it may disturb ph balance,you can use mild soap and water ,will be effective
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