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Question: Subsptate uterus is normal....

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Question: Can a biocornate subsptate uterus may be dangerous
Answer: Hi! Bicornuate subseptate Uterus is a congenital deformity where the womb is heart shaped and when its subseptate, where a band of tissues which might be thick or thin in nature divides the uterus from middle and thats called a septate uterus, there is no problem in conceiving but it can impact the pregnancy, you can expect bleeding, premature baby or csection delivery etc. Please dont loose hope and do as the Dr say. Hope this helps!
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Question: Is biocornate subsptate uterus is common...
Answer: no it is not very common but having a normal pregnancy with this genetic shape of uterus is normal and possible do not worry it deepends on the severity of the septate if the uterus is heart shaped or completey two compartmental. please take a second opinion if you are still planning for a pregnancy.
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Question: Subsptate uterus is normal
Answer: It's not a normal shape of uterus so please ask doctor if you need bed rest and which certain medicines you need
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