2 months old baby

Question: Using cell phone or internet beside new born baby is harmful

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Answer: Yes, it's advisable not to use as the network rays are harmful.
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Question: Using talkum Powder is harmful for a new born baby
Answer: Hello, No dear !! It's not at all harmful to use powder on baby. I dab my baby with powder after every bath. That is 2 times aday. So don't worry you can also use powder .
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Question: Using cell phone will affect my baby?
Answer: Congratulations for pregnancy dear. there is no proof that mobile usage will harm the baby. But, some research says that mobile radiations may cause hyperactivity and behaviour problems in children. So to be on the safe side we should not use more mobile. I think it is ok to use for 5 hours only every day.
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Question: Pragnent women are not using phone internet
Answer: Hello dear. It is fine to use phone and internet but to minimise its use is important. Just reduce the surfing time and use it when you really need to. Also keep the phone in airplane mode while sleeping or keep it away from you. Hope it helps.
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