6 months old baby

Question: Use of daiper in a whole day; is it ok for baby?

2 Answers
Answer: It is important to change diapers after every 2 to 3 hrs because Some little ones have more sensitive skin than others.Keeping the baby longer than this period with a used diaper can cause infections or rashes.
Answer: S but change it before it gets leak Apply coconut oil every day
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Question: Is it ok to wear diaper whole day in winter for a 7 month old girl
Answer: yes its ok.. but u have to take due care. keep on changing diapers frequently as amount of urine increases in winters.
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Question: I fell movement only 3-4 times in a whole day after meal is it ok
Answer: In whole pergacy my daughter hardly did any movement but touchwood she was aboustly fine after birth n active too.. but concern Dr once ..
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Question: is it normal for a baby to not move for a whole day
Answer: Hie There is still enough room for the baby to move so it happens don't worry Have a sugary syrup and lie on your bed in a quite surrounding Close your eyes and observe you should feel movements by 20 mins Don't worry all is well It is around week 27 that you need to moitor your baby's movement regularly If it bother you much you can always visit your gynaclogist regarding same
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