24 weeks pregnant mother

Question: Urine infection pus cells in urine... Is this normal?

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Answer: No it z not normal. Actually it depends on the no.of pus cells. If they are in between 4-7 den ts ok..u can make t normal just by taking lots of fluids. But if it z more than 7 then get your urine culture test done n take appropriate medicine accordingly.
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Question: Pus cells in urine
Answer: Ho,if the persons are just 2 to 3 then there is nothing to worry but if it is above the normal range then you should consult the doctor because it indicates urinary track infection.you should also have more fluid you should have coconut oil and buttermilk also which will help you. It is very important that you maintain a very good hygiene.
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Question: Pus cells are 5-7...is this indicates urine infection
Answer: yes, it is low urine infection, drink more water and if possible also drink coconut water, it will be fine by drinking water, if it still persist consult your doctor they will give to alkaline solution for it, but drinking more water is best way to correct it
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Question: My baby has urine infection pus cells range is 6-8 it is normal or not
Answer: Hi,Dear this means that there is a little of urine infection you should consult the doctor accordingly doctor will decide whether to prescribe medications. Please maintain a very good hygiene. Keep feeding baby frequently.take care
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