18 weeks pregnant mother

Question: Urethra is come down from urine bladder in my 4 th month pregnancy is any problem in that?

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Answer: hi you will need to take complete bed rest it is advisable to consult to the doctor for the same
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    Anonymous Mom31 days ago


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Question: This is my 4 th month..can i travel in train..is there any problem
Answer: Train is ok..but don't climb upper burth.and once you get down from train see that you travel in vehicle which has good ground clearance..please consult doctor before traveling..I was asked to take pregcert 200SR tablet since I was travelling
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Question: Urethra size increasing when passing urine in my 6months boy
Answer: Its totally normal dont worry even i faced same problem during my pregnency my suggest is drink lots of water and keep walking as much as u can dont take any tensions
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Question: Virginia etching problem from four days is there any urine infection problem tell me I am 7 th month pregnant
Answer: Keep your genital area clean...wash with plain water and better avoid soaps containing chemicals..drink lots of water , at least 2 liters per day..if the symptoms still persist or if you develop burning sensation while urinating or fever, approach your doctor and do a urine culture.
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