16 months old baby

Question: Up to what age do you recommend breast feeding? And how to wean there after?

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Answer: Exclusive breast feeding is mandatory upto 6 months then u can give along with semi solid food upto 1 year
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Question: How to wean breast milk? After weaning how to make them sleep.
Answer: Hi! First of all breastmilk can be fed as long as you want and minimum 2 yrs. becz its the best however if you want to wean it now, start doing it gently try and drop feeding sessions one by one. Most babies are hard wired to breasts, initially it wil be difficult but wil be fine in the long run. Talk it out tell the baby that she is grown up now. Reading story books to distract. Ask your husband to pitch in sometimes at bed times and make the baby sleep. If baby manages to sleep without you fr few days it wont be a problem anymore.. Good luck!
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Question: Having breast pain and in between breast and nipples after feeding..what to do?
Answer: It's normal to breast feeding consult your doctor ask for nipple care creams and apply general u feel relief pain
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Question: 21days baby throw up after breast feeding
Answer: It happens to most of the child because of reflux or there must be air trap inside. Always burp your baby in between breastfeeding.
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