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Question: Unprotected sex after 3 weeks of mmr vaccination... Is it cause any harm if i get pregnant?

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Question: Hii I am 7 weeks pregnant I had hing water (1 table spoon with water) 3-4 times,does it cause any harm to baby's development??
Answer: Well it doesnot cause direct harm,but please avoid hing .as it is heat for body.what is it taken for dear? If you have indigestion or gastric issue then better have buttermilk with roasted ajwain.
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Question: Is unprotected sex now cause pregnancy again?? is there any remedy for it?how i confirm about pregnancy
Answer: Yes it can. Always have protected sex,use some kind of contraceptive. If you are suspicious about pregnancy,check quickly by UPT so you can make appropriate decisions timely.
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Question: After 20 day's of periods if we do intercoarse is there any chance to get pregnant
Answer: If you have a 28days lenth then ther is no chance In case you're cycle is iregular than it t might hav a chnce
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