11 weeks pregnant mother

Question: hii frm mrng um flng depresd wnt to cry i dnt knw wts wrng wit me...my fce has also bcme pale...is it nrml

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Answer: It's normal . Mood swings can happen to anybody . U have to drink lot of water & try to calm urself.
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    Malik Tabia782 days ago

    Ok thnx dea

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Question: hii frm mrng um flng depresd wnt to cry i dnt knw wts wrng wit me...my fce has also bcme pale...is it nrml
Answer: Hello dear! Have seen a lot of cases with the same problem. It is just the hormonal fluctuations that is causing this depression. Do not worry,u will be fine... So basically u need to have natural mood boosters like walnuts,eggs,dark chocolates,salmon,saffron! Apart from this u should go out in the morning in fresh air and walk around green environment to feel better. Go for some relaxed outing preferably u and your husband! U need to know that everything is eventually going to be fine and your baby will be healthy..it is just the hormones messing up which will subside in a few weeks... So keep positivity around u!write down somewhere that 'everything is alright' and watch it everyday without fail!!we are all here with u to support you everytime u need us!take care. For the paleness,check your blood count,u may be having iron deficiency which needs to be taken care of soon
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Question: hi my baby is 19 days old . m dnt knw y i fel so depresd dont like to talk wth othrs . feel so lonily even dnt like to talk wth hubby or baby i dnt knw what happening plz helo
Answer: It is normal. Few mothers face post partum depression. You are not able to get used to this new transformation in your life. Many new mothers go through it. But pls pour your heart out to your husband or mother. Hug them tight. U will feel good. Also the initial 1 month will be difficult. But gradually you will start loving motherhood. Take care.
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Question: I m feeling in depression after delivery.. wanted to cry out loud.. i dnt knw is it normal.. pls help
Answer: It's normal dear as postpartum depression is common in many women don't get depressed as it affects on milk and on baby so try to relax along with baby you can also try to maintain your hobbies or do some work which you are interested in as this helps and don't over think about it and this is a phase which most of the women go through so try different things and stay healthy and stay positive everything will be fine
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