12 weeks pregnant mother

Question: Two weeks back my doc said u r miscarrying..and it ll come naturally in a week

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Question: doctor said u r a pragnent but my pragnency test ll show light colour why?
Answer: One dark n one light line is considered to b positive...dont worry
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Question: In first month pregnancy diabetic ll come r not?if it come means nothing ll happen to baby?
Answer: Hi. Don't think such things. Y u r wasting your valuable time about these. Gestational diabetes will cone around 6 month of pregnancy. And there are many medicine to keep them in control. So no need to worry about. And although it won't harm your baby if you put that in control.
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Question: Two weeks back doc said u r miscarrying and now i m having bleeding with clots and cramps ....what should i do ..is this natural miscarriage....should i need to take some medicine or consult doctor for this...what to do to reduce cramps pain
Answer: Of course u have to consult ur doctor.. Because miscarriage leads many problem in body ...Nd it affect in future conceiving ...So doctor will provide u some medicine nd do a ultrasound
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