38 weeks pregnant mother

Question: Two days back,doctor has done my internal checkup and after that brown discharge is coming ..is it normal?? M 37 weeks pregnent

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Answer: Yes, it is normal. But discharge volume is increased consult Ur Dr
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    Ankita Tiwari364 days ago

    It's normal..

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Question: M getting mild brownish discharge after my internal checkup yesterdy...is it normal?
Answer: Hi,it is normal to get brown disc after the internal check up there is nothing to worry in that . sometimes even with mucus plug release you will find brown tinch along which is normal.
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Question: Hi, i am 37 week pregnant. Today my doctor has done my internal checkup. After that little bit bleeding is happening.doctor says its normal spoting is normal . Is it normal?
Answer: Hi there, a little bleeding after internal examination is fine as long as it is not heavy flow and deep red in color. If the bleeding is fading with passing time then there is nothing to worry about but if it does not lessen then please consult your doctor.
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Question: iam 37. weeks two days pregnant. colourless discharge is coming after urination.is that amniotic fluid leakage
Answer: hello.. dear it might be.. to clear your doubt use one pad and check after half an hour.. if your pad is full of leakage then it is your labor dear you need to consult your doctor.. you are almost very near to delivery dear healofy wishes you all the best
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