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Question: Twins pregnancy

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Answer: Hi congratulation, in fact, double congratulation to you. You must be so excited for the twins during this time take double care of yourself as you are going to give double happiness to your family :) Here are the few health tips. Eat a healthy diet. As with any pregnancy, a healthy diet is important when you're carrying twins. You will have to eat more calories than someone carrying a single child, and you need to make sure your calories come from nutrient-rich foods. Go for plenty of fruits, vegetables, and whole grains. Protein is important during pregnancy. Opt for lean meats, eggs, nuts, and seeds. Dairy foods, like yogurt and cheese, are important for your calcium intake. Aim for healthy snacks. You may find yourself feeling hungry a lot throughout the day when carrying twins. Keep snacks in your home, but make sure they're healthy. Drink plenty of water. Hydration is very important during pregnancy, especially if you're carrying twins. Aim for the proper amount of weight gain. Talk to your doctor about the right amount of weight gain for you. Make sure to weigh yourself regularly throughout your pregnancy to make sure you're gaining a safe amount of weight at a healthy rate.
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Question: Tips for twins pregnancy
Answer: Hii it's not anything different. Twin baby pregnancy is not depends in the diet.  Below are the factors which affect twin pregnancy  1) Being older rather than younger helps. It seems to be a twist of nature that just before a woman enters peri-menopause, her ovaries start releasing more than one egg each month.twin pregnancies are much more common in women who are over 35 years. But this only applies to non-identical twins. 2) Have fertility assistance such as in vitro fertilisation or take fertility drugs. These stimulate the ovaries to support more than one ovarian follicle each month towards maturity 3)  if you come from a family where non-identical twins are common then your family history and genetic endowment means that you’ve got a greater chance of having them yourself. But identical twins can occur in any family. 4) Be of African/American heritage. Women from this ethnic background have a distinctly higher rate of twin pregnancies 5) the more times you conceive the greater the likelihood of conceiving more than one baby. 6) Try to conceive straight after you have stopped taking the pill. The theory is that for the first couple of cycles the woman’s body is going through a hormonal readjustment phase. 7) Already have a set of twins. Because the likelihood of conceiving with twins again is higher in women who’ve already had them. 8) woman with a BMI of greater than 30 boosts her chances. But considering a healthy range during the fertile years is 20-25 and 30 would put you into the overweight/obese category then this is not a healthy recommendation. 9) Taller women tend to conceive more twins. But there is nothing you can do about your height, other than blame your parents! 10)Oysters are high in zinc and this helps with sperm production. The more healthy and mobile his sperm are, the greater the likelihood of being able to fertilise an egg or two. 11) Take a folic acid supplement before you conceive. The general recommendation for women who are planning to conceive is to start taking folic acid supplements one month before conception. 12) Be a twin yourself. Mothers who are twins are more likely to have twin babies. There is no influence on the male partner’s side, only the mother’s 13) Eat more yams/sweet potatoes. It is a fact that more women conceive with twins who live in areas where yams are a major component of their diet. 
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Question: I have twins pregnancy
Answer: Hii congrats for the pregnancy. It's always a bonus to have twin. I think almost all.mother dream is to get two in the place of one. Enjoy the pregnancy. Caring tips is not much different than normal pregnancy but yet it need an extra dietary care and relaxation mode.  1) taking right meal ,extra sleep , regular exercise are some of the normal but most crucial requirement. Make sure to consult dietician for a best advise as per ur body need. Proper folate, calcium and other important minerals as per ur body need requires proper observation. 2) Make time to chill out. Your body is working 24 hours a day to grow and support two babies towards maturity. That means there will be times when you will feel tired even though you won’t consider you’ve done much. 3) Whether or not your twins share a placenta. 4) Hydration is very important during pregnancy, especially if you're carrying twins. Make sure to sip on water throughout the day to stay hydrated and keep your babies healthy. 5) get a complete schedule of ur medical check up. And note down the dates.  All the best. 
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Question: Twins pregnancy diet
Answer: Hi.. Dear you can start having dry fruits from now on..cashews, almonds , apricots , raisins, dates, walnuts , and pistachios are some dry fruits to eat during pregnancy. Since dry fruits are nutritious, you should aim to include the recommended quantity in your diet each day... You need to include plenty of fruits and vegetables, protein, fibre and carbohydrates in your diet. Avoid unripe papaya and pineapple. Take folic acid and vitamin supplements if required, for your child healthy development and drink plenty of water to keep yourself hydrated.
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