34 weeks pregnant mother

Question: twin pregnancy to be delivered at 34 weeks...will it be safe for babies?

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Answer: Hello dear. It's best to deliver after 37 weeks ..but if your doctor suggest so due to any complications than trust her ad go ahead ...all will be good
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    Sasmeeta Tripathy1124 days ago

    But twin pregnancies hardly go upto 37 weeks..any doctors pls answer.

Answer: HI ...Average length for twin pregnancy is 37 weeks so babies delivers between 32 to 37 weeks are healthy...just need some good care
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Question: I have delivered my twin baby at 24 weeks, just now can it be save
Answer: Hi dear if you have delivered your twin baby at 24 weeks it means that your babies are not only premature but they are very small and very fragile at this moment I would suggest you to please listen to what your doctor suggest you because your babies are going to stay in the NICU for a long time at least till the time they are stable enough to get back to their home I would suggest you to have faith be positive and be strong this face will definitely be over within a couple of months time and lots of strength your way .. All the best!
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Question: My doctor says i might need to deliver once my 34th week completes. Mine is twin pregnancy and AFI is 7.6. Doctor says it will be risky to carry babies inside womb for much longer time than 34 weeks. I am worried about whether it is safe to deliver twins at 34 weeks? Do babies delivered aftr 34th week require neonatal care?
Answer: AFI is low.. If AFI is low it cause breathing problem to your baby... I suffer the same problem I delivered my baby at my 9month 5days through c-section. Please follow your Dr advice its safe for u and ur babies... Congrats on your twin babies
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Question: Hi, will it be safe to have packed juices at 34 weeks of pregnancy
Answer: Check the ingredients. Go for known brands but best is to limit packed products. instead go for fresh juices that you prepare at home which is always the best and free of preservatives and chemicals
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