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Question: TSH,TS,T4; FSH,LH; Serum protaction; For what reason we need to test these things.....

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Answer: TSH T3 T4 are tested to know the function of your thyroid gland. while FSH and LH levels are tested to know the function of pituitary gland. both are involved in regulation of menstrual cycle and will be inactive during pregnancy
Answer: To check hormone levels are normal or any variation is there.. we Can correct it if any variation.
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Question: Can anybody explain me why we need to do LH and FSH tests.What is the use of it
Answer: Hi dear! LH and FSH are both related to your reproductive system and very important FSH helps in developing follicles in the ovary and also produces oestrogen and progesterone hormone to balance the menstrual cycle where is LH or luteinizing hormone is associated with the release of an egg from the ovary or what we call as ovulation and the test measures The Count of these hormones in your body and also LH and fsh should be in a proportion of 3: 1 in a body because both these hormones are controlled by the pituitary gland and and as per the proportion it should not be same but as you know that you have to undergo a medication to balance it but at the same time you yourself can have a lot of healthy fats to balance this particular disproportion you can have avocado, nuts, food which are rich in Omega 3 fatty, acid and antioxidants, also adaptor Healthy lifestyle do not take stress be active, about all kind of junk trans fat saturated fat also meditate.. Hope this helps!
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Question: when to do Fsh; lh ;serum prolactin blood test ; I mean which day
Answer: Hi dear, generally this test should be performed in Day 3 of your cycle. That is third day of your period. When a woman is undergoing a fertility work-up, Cycle Day 3 is the day she has blood work performed to check the levels of three important levels: follicle stimulating hormone (FSH), luteinizing hormone (LH) & prolactin. The sample should be collected 3 to 4 hours after waking.
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Question: hi today third day of period.... went to doctor.. c asked to do blood test like FSH....LH....thyroid...prolactin......I have these tests are helpful....
Answer: Ur third day after a month u missed ur it correct...Dr. advice this test to check hiv thyroid and other necessary things to prevent the complications during pregnancy if the results are not normal they provide the medication to avoid risk of miscarriage or risk in pregnancy.. I also have done all these tests..hope I helped.. tc..
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