21 weeks pregnant mother

Question: Triple marker test mentioned as low risk is it safe because down syndrome 1.43 cut off is 1.2 Edwards syndrome 1.17 cut off 1.1 patau syndrome 1.69 cut off1.6 turner syndrome 1.23 cut off 1.1 age risk for down syndrome 1.47 age risk Edward syndrome 1.4299 age risk patau syndrome 1. 12 age risk Turner syndrome 1.68

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Answer: Hello dear. If the report says low risk it means the report is negative and there is no risk of down syndrome. So please relax there is nothing to be worried. Hope it helps.
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Question: Hi i m 14 week pregrant .. i did blood test and it was stated my hcgb :13.1772 down syndrome/Edwards syndrome and pataus syndrome are mentioned as low ...is it normal
Answer: Low means low risk of having these genetic problems.. So that's a good thing.. Plz discuss details with your doctor...
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Question: I have done qudraple marker test and it shows low risk of down syndrome. Is there anything to worry.
Answer: Hi dear, There is no need to worry If the test show low risk of chromosomal abnormality. This test does not diagnose anything particular but indicates the chances of any abnormalities. Some cases even If the test is negative,there is no guarantee that there won't be any chromosomal abnormality in the baby. If your doctor feels anything suspicious,he can ask you for further tests and the risk involved with such tests. So you have to decide accordingly.as of now do not stress and go by what your doctor says.
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Question: Hlo ..mera double marker ka test .. Ist mein .posterior risk for down syndrome 1:52 increased risk hai..edward syndrome 1:10000 low risk...posterior risk for patau syndromr 1:10000 low risk .... Screen postive likha hai ...ye report hai ...plz eske ware mein btao ..kya hai ye ...plz
Answer: Hi your risk for down s syndrome is quite high I would like to see you NT scan report also have you spoken to your doctor about amniocentesis? The other two diseases can be ignored as the risk is very low. This is not a diagnostic test to be positive or negative it is a screening test it will tell you your risk category for the baby's abnormality if your risk is low you need not worry . This means the chance of your baby having the abnormalities is close to 0.
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