6 weeks pregnant mother

Question: Travelling in car is there any dangerous.... I consult doctor yesterday she called me 26th october for first scan and i asked her that i have long journey now shall i go then she said that i cannt say how healthy u are before scanning... Now im worried about it shall i go or not...

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Answer: Hello Dear yur doctor is right without internal check up no one can say how healthy is yur pregnancy only after scan one might know so it is better to avoid a long journey jus before scan after scan if all ok then yu can travel but for now if possible please avoid.
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Question: Myndoc suggested me to take betnesol injection at 32 weeks, i did gct test yesterday sugar, salt and hemoglobin is good, and in scan she said everything is normal now then y she asked me to take that injection?
Answer: Preterm Labour: Preterm labour is one of the most commonly occurring complications for pregnant women. When the baby is born before 32-35 weeks of pregnancy, the lungs are not fully formed and functional. In such cases, these injections are given so that the lungs will be able to inflate easily without sticking together. It is usually given 24 hours before the probable preterm labour.Newborn Baby’s Lung Development: In some cases, the babies who are born preterm have underdeveloped lungs; betnesol is given to developing their lungs. It is also administered to reduce the risk of intracranial haemorrhaging.
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Question: I have to go long journey about 300km..by train or by car.. 15 days before doctor said u can go.. but i have doubt should i take any precautions.. my pregnancy have no complications til now.. i wil do tiffa scan after 2 days but at that tym doctor is not available for checking my report.. what should i do?
Answer: Hello, you dress comfortably in loose cotton clothing and wearcomfortable shoes. Take your favorite pillow. Plan for plenty of rest stops, restroom breaks and stretches. Carry snack foods with you. If you are traveling any distance, make sure to carry a copy of your prenatal records. show the reports once the doctor is back .
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Question: Hello,what is the mening of IUI....i have consult the doctor she said i will do for u.....but what is that can u say plzzzzz
Answer: Intrauterine insemination means injecting the sperms in your uterus so that the sperm can meet the egg and fertilization occur which will lead to the formation of zygote which developed into an embryo later on
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