12 weeks pregnant mother

Question: toxoplasma lgG is 23.40, cytomegalovirus lgG is 123, herpes simplex virus 1+2 lgG is 30...these will have what kind of impact in pregnancy

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Answer: yes dear, you need doctor advice.
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Question: On 3 april i terminate my 5 month pregnancy because fetus has acc defect .. doctor advise me to do torch.i go through torch test on 11 may ..according to torch report, rubella igg is 21.80, cytomeglovirus igg is 153 and herpus simplex virus 1+2,igg is 3.54,,, herpes simplex virus 1 +2, igm is 2.71. Now i want to know that what my report say .r these diagnosis serious ? What should i do
Answer: Igg in CMV infection indicates that you had been infected by this virus. You should mention both CMV values done on igg and igm. Herpes simplex virus igg and igm indicate that you have a herpes infection a second test is again scheduled at 4-6 weeks to confirm. For an acc defect, MRI is always recommended. Severe ACC defects are advised to be terminated. Mild Acc defect which affects one lobe or central callosum structure of your baby's brain is required to take antiepileptic drugs throughout his life.
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Question: My wife had a miscarriage after 6 week of pregnancy in February first week. Doctor suggest for TORCH Test. Rubella IGG, CYTOMEGALOVIRUS IGG, HERPES SIMPLEX VIRUS-1 IGG, HERPES SIMPLEX VIRUS 1&2 IGM (COMBINED) are HIGH in TORCH reports. Can we plan for the pregnancy in next month or my wife has to take a vaccine or medicine for the same? Need a doctor's advise.
Answer: increased IGM indicates a recent or ongoing infection. a treatment plan need to be started if theres an ongoing infection before planning pregnancy. More testing need to be done to confirm diagnosis.
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Question: My rubella igg is 26.58 cytomegalovirus igg is 12.02 herps simplex virus-1 igg is 2.05 and rubella igm is 0.27 cytomegalovirus igm is 0.59 herps simplex virus-1 igm is 0.31 is any complications in my pregnancy i m nine week pregnant
Answer: Your reports are negative do not worry. Ask your gynae about your risk potential Also tell me what does the report interpret at bottom of the page it would be written negative.
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