18 weeks pregnant mother

Question: Took iron and calcium tablets together at once.. unknowingly.. Really tensed..hope they don't react

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Answer: Hi.. Dear do not stress yourself by over thinking about it.. Take care from next time, it should not be taken together.. Calcium may reduce iron absorption rate when both the supplements are taken at the same time. It may even lead to iron deficiency.
Answer: Na don't wry... nothing will happen. Be cool
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Question: Does calcium & iron tablets be taken together?
Answer: Congratulations dear..,no dear, they may cause stomach disorders when taken together,..,so have iron after breakfast n calcium after dinner.. that's safe
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Question: Is it harmful to take iron and calcium tablets together
Answer: Hi Dear! Iron and Calcium tablets needs to be taken in a gap of 8 hrs. because calcium hinders Iron absorption.. If you r taking Iron after breakfast take calcium at night.. Hope this helps!
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Question: Can I have calcium and iron tablets together
Answer: No calcium and iron tablets should not be taken together . Complete absorption hamper if they are taken together. Better to take both the tablet on different time. One in afternoon and one in night or morning. It's better to take vitamin c with iron . Vit c help s in absorption of iron.
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Question: Can i take iron and calcium tablets together..??
Answer: avoid taking Calcium and Iron supplements together as you calcium tablets can absorb the iron and do not let your body absorb the complete iron from your tablet .. if you are taking iron tablet at the day time prefer taking calcium tablet at noon or at night do not take both at the same time after a meal .. if you feel nauseating after taking Iron tablet at the morning you can have it at Noon or at night you can change the time you take but you cannot have them together
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