11 weeks pregnant mother

Question: too much vomiting and nausea....any home remedies plz

3 Answers
Answer: one of the main reason along with hormonal imbalance is hypoglycaemia that is lowered blood glucose levels so take a dry carbohydrate snack like rusk or dry biscuits before going to sleep and before brushing in the morning it may sound absurd but reduces vomiting to a greater extent and it I'll settle down in four months I used to keep Amla with me a small piece helped me a lot
Answer: so many home remedies. try what works for u. cloves boiled water, mint, rice broth, avoiding water n empty stomach, not keeping stomach empty for long might help. if it is worse get tablets from yr doc. frequent vomits will dehydrate u n might need IV. tc
Answer: ohh it's common in pregnancy u want can take medicines through consulting ur gynaecologist eat less oily food observed carefully which food is not suitable for you that u can avoid eat small small meals