22 weeks pregnant mother

Question: Tomorrow is my target scan what can i do before sonography ...

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Question: Hi mam What is target sonography?
Answer: Hi dear at a targeted sonography is nothing but a mid pregnancy scan which usually happens between 19 to 22 weeks of pregnancy and hear the major changes or major problems are seen if there is any and the baby's structure and the babies organs are developing normally or not it is also called an anomaly scan . Hope this helps!
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Question: What is target scan
Answer: Hi,it is done between 18-22 weeks.ut is the examination of the fetal. During this scan, the head ,face,heart,lungs,stomach,bladder,kidneys and limbs of the fetus are thoroughly scanned. The umbilical cord, placenta, amniotic fluid and length if the cervix is all measured.
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Question: What can we eat before NT scan? Mine is at 1:00pm tomorrow
Answer: Nothing specific. I had my normal lunch. My appointment was at 2:30.
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