37 weeks pregnant mother

Question: Tomorrow i will go for check up if doctor ask me to admit shall i admit

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Answer: If everything is normal in mother like blood pressure or sugar and baby like baby weight, amount of amniotic fluid, Doppler etc and there is no sign of labor pain then there is no need for admission in 37 weeks. You should count your baby movements everyday and meet your doctor every week for check up of baby's heartbeat and amount of amniotic fluid. You should get admitted on your EDD for more supervision if you don't experience labor and till then. Hope this information is useful to you.
Answer: Hi dear yes u can plan for getting admit if doctor say so as now after 37th week delivery is important and if there will.be any complications for which doctor can't wait for ur labour then it's a dair decision to go for further pain inducing process for labour or to undergo c sec.
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Answer: first scan is usually done between 6-9 weeks to check heartbeat is baby and size as well as placenta .yes doctor suggest for first scan
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Answer: Hi,you should go now as your Dr will do a scan to see the sac also will suggest you the prenatal supplements that is reqd to be taken
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Answer: Congratulations on your pregnancy. Please meet your doctor and follow the instructions given by your gynecologist.
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