36 weeks pregnant mother

Question: Doctr told me to take betnesol injection for 2days...im in my 35th week. Is it okay to hv tis injection??? Is there any side effects of taking tis dose??? Plz reply me

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Answer: Hi dear first of all if you are doctor has given this injection to you you do not really need to worry about it because your doctor is handling the case and knows when to prescribed which medication now Button cell is basically a steroid injection which is given to mature the lung of the baby, if you have any other condition in your pregnancy are there are some complication then the doctor might administer this injection so that the baby's lungs get mature before delivery if it can be preterm.. Hope this helps!
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    AhinovaM691 days ago

    S sisy i have a complication of AFI level 8.2.

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Question: Is there any side effects for taking epidural after delivery
Answer: Hello....An epidural is a procedure that injects a local anaesthetic in to the space around the spinal nerves in your lower back. This anaesthetic usually blocks the pain from labour contractions and during the birth very effectively. With an epidural you can usually move and can push your baby out when you need to... Side effects could be... Loss of bladder control In case the needed is not injected into the right area, it may damage certain nerves. In these cases, it becomes difficult to control the bladder. Even after the operation or delivery is over, the person may find it difficult to control the bladder. Although chances for this kind of damage are less, the risk cannot be totally eliminated. Generally, the bladder starts functioning in the normal way after the epidural is removed. However, if it damages the nerves around the area, the problem may last for a long time. Headache During epidurals, the needle is inserted close to the spine. In case it punctures the fluid-containing bag surrounding the spine, it may cause severe headaches in the long run. You may have to get specific treatment to get rid of this headache. Most of the time, the needle is inserted by experts, so that the risk of damaging the bag containing fluid is minimized. However, if the fluid bag gets punctured, the person may suffer from frequent headaches. Infection In certain cases, the area around the epidural tube may get an infection. Although infections do not generally occur, it may lead to serious conditions in severe cases. Generally, the physicians prescribe antibiotics to heal the infection. It subsides in a short period of time. However, it may lead to further complications if the infection does not dry up. It may spread to the surrounding areas, resulting in severe pain. If antibiotics fail to heal the infection, a surgery may be needed. The affected area is operated upon by the surgeons and the infection is removed.
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Question: I am 35 weeks pregnant... My doctor told me to take decdan injection 4mg twice in twelve hours time difference... Is there any side effects for the baby..
Answer: Hllo dear u r 35 weeks pregnant dear ur gyno have suggested u this injection she advised u according to ur pregnancy condition .So dear follow ur gyno's instruction nd take injection .dear gyno suggested that medicines or injection which r safe during pregnancy and doesn't effect to baby .so dear try it
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Question: Is there any side effects for the baby if I have to take steriod injection during my 33weeks of pregnancy?
Answer: Hllo dear u r 33 weeks pregnant dear ur gyno have suggested u this injection u should take its not harmful for babies. so dear u should follow her instruction.aa she knows ur pregnancy condition according to this she s giving u treatment. So follow her instruction dear .
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