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Question: TodY i have done pregnency test with 1st urin in morning... it shows very very light line my period date is 16nov before mising period we can do test? This light line we count as positiv or negativ im on progestron tablet just now

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Answer: Positive... mine was also light i thought it is negative. But after few days i checked again and it becomes dark
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    Nazish Khan805 days ago

    Now next when we will take d test for accurt result

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Question: I had done my pregnancy test this morning the second Line is light pink. when should I go to doctor for checkup and what diet should I start with as my LMP was 16-2-2018
Answer: Near to 8 weeks you should contact your doctor.. so she will guide you for basic medications like folic acid & vitmains and precaution..! Diet.. Have smaller meals probably 5 times a day. Breakfast (have something with milk) lunch(dal, roti, sabji,rice, salad) snacks(bowl of fruits, upma.. ) dinner(lighter meal than lunch) sleeping meal (milk) And keep fruits handy so that between meals you can have them. Avoid eating outside as much as you can and spicy food too... Develope habit of eating healthy food
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Question: My last period is dec 28 today morning i done pregnancy test but i got one dark pink line and another very light thin line whats that mean.what i have to do next
Answer: Hello dear... It is positive,congrats,the other line get darker in forth coming days, after confirming your pregnancy with home pregnancy kit,it is better to consult doctor within a week,she will prescribe you folic acid tablet and your first sonography will take place during 6-8weeks,to detect fetal heart rate and position
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Question: My last lmp date is January 1st. February 2 check pregnancy test.. It shows One dark line and One light line.. Today Feb 11i go to consult with doctor. She take thyroid at this week. What the reason?
Answer: During pregnancy due to hormonal changes our thyroid levels will change so earlier thyroid test will help to maintain the levels if tsh is high or low, doc will prescribe medicines for thyroid...It is safe for both mom n baby...
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