7 weeks pregnant mother

Question: Today was my first ultrasound. Heartbeat is good for baby. Dr said their is some bloodspot. Is their any problem.?

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Question: I'm going to my first ultrasound in week 6 Dr said that fetus has no heartbeat so plz tell me when go for my second ultrasound
Answer: Hllo dear generally heatbeat comes in 5 or 6 weeks .but in few cases it comes late as in 7 or 8 weeks .in rare its comes in 9 weeks too . dear gyno waits till 9 weeks .dear heartbeat depend on the time of concieving the women who concieve just after period in that prengencies heartbeat comes in 5 6 weeks and who concieves late as near to next period in that pregnancies heartbeat comes in 9 weeks .so wait till 9 weeks . So consult to ur gyno u can go 4 scan in ur 8 weeks try it
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Question: I'm 6weeks pregnant my ultrasound was held yesterday no heartbeat is there Dr said for next ultrasound after 2weeks is there any problem
Answer: Hii.. nothing to worry.. sometimes heartbeat visible around 7 to 8 weeks. . Around 6 weeks a sac like layer will be formed and baby looks like a dot.. so don't be stress ..go n check around 8 weeks
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Question: Today I have my first scan Dr said sac is not found any problem
Answer: Hi desr do t worry. Yolk sac can be visible en till 12 th so di visit doctor for ultrasound agi. After 2 to 4 weeks i m sure ur doctor must have called u after some week of analysis the recovery.
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