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Question: Today, that is 15th April is my first day of period.when will be my ovulation day? Which date are my fertile window?I'm planning for pregnancy

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Answer: Hey Dear my gyno said in ovulation days there s so many chsnges of concieving so dear ur lmp s 15 April so if ur period cycle s of 28 days ur ovulation period ll ve 27 April to 29 April so try in these days nd make sure keep pillow under ur hips while intercourse too. Try it .
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Question: My cycle is of 35 days so which days will be most fertile?which day will be the ovulation day?
Answer: Dear its bit difficult to find out externally ...aftr missed period 14day ovulation starts but as you cycle is 35 days you can check with an ovulation kit or else go for ultrasound scan for detecting the mature ovums ...if you hve pcod try to reduce sugar plus exercise to reduce weight . surely you will become pregnant soon .. stay blessd
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Question: Hi mam..I'm planning for pregnancy so is it is advisable to do intercourse after fertile window?will u plz suggest me
Answer: U van have dear even after fertility but yes having sex during fertility period will increase the chances of ur pregnancy.
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Question: Planning for pregnancy. March 17 is my first day of periods when is my fertile period ?
Answer: Hello dear.... your fertile period was on 28-30 th of March dear...
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